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Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies For Beginners

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Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies For Beginners

The best and top 10 of my absolute best digital marketing strategies that you can use regardless of what market or business or industry you’re in.

Digital Marketing Tips and Strategies For Beginners

Now rather than dive into the nitty gritty details and specifics of each and everyone I want to give you kind of a high level overview and my key take aways on what the strategy is really mean and why they’ve been effective in all the small businesses I’ve worked with a coach with in order to help you generate more leads customers and sales.

Strategy 1: Irresistible Offer

What irresistible offer is is pretty much exactly like it sounds it’s an offer that’s too good to refuse now, sometimes these are referred to as godfather offers or IOs or other terminology but they basically all the same thing and what it is. It’s some kind of offer that you can put. In front of your ideal target market that directly speaks to them and compel them to take action.

One of the most important points to consider when you’re constructing an irresistible offer is that you want to be selling a painkiller not Vitamins. Meaning you want to solve a pain rather than prevent a future problem. Because people are a lot more likely to act and take action when they’re trying to solve an actual pain problems that they’re experiencing right now.

Strategy 2: Lead Magnet

Lead magnet can actually include aspects of elements or maybe even the entire part of your irresistible offer now really high level overview just in case you haven’t heard of a lead magnet. before all it is is some kind of piece of valuable content or information or could even be something tangible or physical like a book or a trinket or widget or whatever it is but you’re going to use this in exchange for your customers contact details.

Actually it’s not surprising right now the way lead magnets traditionally work if you’re gonna want to put this offer for the lead magnet in front of your ideal target market you can do this through an ad or maybe even a link on your website and you’re going to direct them to where they can download the free PDF or the free guide or get their free book plus shipping or whatever it is.

Strategy 3: Website SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is by far one of the Nerdist technical most geeky as things you can possibly talk about digital marketing but also incredibly important in fact SEO is largely responsible for the growth of my first marketing agency back in the day that in content marketing. When we’re talking about on page these are things like the key words you use in your U. R. L. your title your headings on page content all sorts of things like that and when we’re talking about off page ranking signals it really has to do with the number and the kind of links that are linking back to your content which is sending signals to the search engines this valuable content anyway the goal here isn’t to dive into the technicalities of SEO but rather just to educate you on it being a valuable strategy and if you want to pursue it there’s a ton of great content available on the troubling to some in the description.

Strategy 4: Google 3 Pack SEO

It’s incredibly important to differentiate and that’s Google 3 pack SEO. This point is only really valuable if you’ve got a local business or an actual storefront or actual physical location, because what you’re going to be doing here is ranking in the map and this is incredibly important especially on mobile now.

We’re most searches are conducted now the way to find out if your ranking in the 3 pack is pretty simple first of all open an incognito or private browser just to your history doesn’t influence the results then type in whatever industry that you’re searching for and your city name and see what appears in the map results.

If you’re not in the top 3 you’re missing out which means you really need to spend some time some energy and some money optimizing that Google 3 pack listing because they get a ton of traffic especially for mobile where most searches occur now.

Strategy 5: Audio Marketing

If audio marketing is something you want to pursue you first need to really clearly identify your ideal target market but we’re gonna talk about that a little bit later now when we’re talking specifically about digital marketing strategies obviously things like podcasts and Spotify ads and things like that are going to come to the forefront of your mind that said.

I also want You to consider offline audio channels like maybe even good old fashioned radio now radio in my experience certainly doesn’t provide the same return on investment that some of these digital channels do but as a supplement or accessory or even worth considering because you never know it might still provide enough of a bomb to make everything worth it.

Strategy 6: Email Marketing

One of my all time favorites and it has to do with email marketing now fortunately we already covered lead magnets and the importance of acquiring customer contact information like their name and their email address well with email mark.

I think it gives you that opportunity to follow up and provide more value and make offers again and again and again now there’s a lot of people out there complaining about lower open rates and how email marketing is losing its effectiveness and well this is true to some degree just think about yourself and how you personally interact with content and how you consume information other pretty good you check your email, once twice 3 maybe even 10 times a day well the same goes for your customers.

They’re actively involved with checking their email which means it’s a fantastic medium to reach them and to spread your message of course like all the strategies.

Strategy 7: Content Marketing

If you hate the sound of your voice maybe audio content you’re going to want to stay away from and you hate the thought of writing well that obviously a blog is going to be the best for you. Your style all that said if I had to pick one which is the absolute best form of content marketing

Strategy 8: Video Marketing

Video marketing is a phenomenal tool for small businesses in order to generate more leads customers and sales. I touched on the last point on content marketing the reason I think video marketing is one of the most powerful forms of content is because you’re able to take the video content and then syndicated across a number of different channels meaning you can strip away the audio and you know have audio marketing.

Strategy 9: Copywriting

When we’re talking about copywriting, we’re not talking about copyright or the legal aspect of protecting your work, but rather about creating influential and persuasive sales copy.

The reason copy writing is so important is because if you’ve got a small business which I hope you do otherwise why would you be watching this video now well then it’s important to communicate and to persuade and influence the perceptions of those were communicating.

Dealing with your business and the way we do this is through copy writing but here’s the thing with copywriting rather than get bogged down in all the details the key takeaway point is that pretty much any kind of communication that you’re writing you’re putting on your website or your ads or anything like that really comes down to the copy that you’re writing so the introductory hawk some of the benefits some of the features.

Strategy 10: YouTube marketing

YouTube marketing organic. Now no surprise that I obviously believe YouTube be is a phenomenal tool in order to communicate your message provides value to market place and help you grow your business. After all that’s why you and I are both your now now there’s 2 sides, when it comes to marketing with YouTube the organic side and the advertising side.

Overall content marketing is important video marketing is a great part of content marketing and if you’re gonna be creating videos and what better place to host them then on YouTubeo now as I just touched on.

Obviously the next part of your marketing is the advertising platform and YouTube ads are quickly becoming one of the most profitable and powerful forms of advertising available online today said a little quieter because it’s still a bit of a secret you see just like we saw Google ads exploding costs over the years well.

Wwe’re seeing the same thing happened with Facebook ads but this hasn’t happened yet with YouTube ads meaning we’re still able to get in there and get views for pennies on the dollar the thing is the YouTube advertising platform is a little more complicated than the Facebook ad platform.

Again which creates a barrier to entry what you do is making it a lot easier to get your ads in front of relevant and ideal target markets and of course there’s a number of different ways to do this including pre roll ads those kind of annoying skippable things that they put in front of the videos that everybody kind of.

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