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How to Rank Websites on Google Easily? - SEO for Beginners

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seo tutorial for beginners

In this post, I will show you 100% working method on how to get rank your websites first on Search Engines like Google. I have used the exact same method to rank first on Google for competitive keywords like backlinks, link building tools & SEO checklist.

How to Rank Your Websites on Google?

If you want to get rank number one on Google, dont miss to read the entire post. I hate SEO, that’s because my first website didnt rank well, it made me to became super frustrating. I have followed all the advices that i have got from many super SEO experts.

Created best content, added keywords, made my site to load faster than anything. But that helped only little. But these things wont make your site to become the top rank on google. Then I have decided to do lot of experiments in SEO, I tested Title tags, Internal links, Anchor text, Backlinks and more.

I have started putting all these pieces together and finally ranked number one on Google. Its for hundreds of competitive keywords like no follow links.


seo for beginners

Step 1: Find 3 keywords

First thing is to identify 3 main keywords. Using these 3 keywords, You have to create great content.

But how to find the best and great low competition keywords?

Go to “Answer the Public” website, this is a free tool where you find questions that people from around the world ask on blogs, forums and on social networking sites. Those asked questions turns into great keywords.

The best thing about these keywords are long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are nothing but just a keywords that are long and these are very specific to the content.

For Example, keywords like “Keto Diet” is some short tail keyword but “Keto Diet Breakfast Recipes” is somewhat a long tail keyword. But still many peoples wish to search on search engines with long tail keywords. These keywords are not super competitive that will make them to use perfect keywords.

If you’re beginner and looking out some other options to find these keywords. Then go to “Sub reddit” and go through the topics what people are discussing about and search the same topics on “Answer the public” to find the long tail keywords.

Also we have another free keyword tool called “Exploding Topics.com”, this free keyword tool will help you to find the trending topics in almost every industries like tech, fashion, health, marketing and many more.

And these topics are relatively very new keywords that people around the world use to find some information on them are not that much competitive.

So find minimum 3 keywords and lets move on to second step.

Step 2: Create Epic Content

There are 912000000 articles available on the web and the most surprising fact is these contents available on the web dont get shared or linked in any websites.

And also, 94 percent of all these articles have 0 backlinks, Reason behind this 0 links are, most of thes contents that people post over the web is not having much great content and if the contents are not much great. It is going te scraped among the millions of articles, blog posts, YouTube Videos, Tweets and Twitch Streams that coming up daily to the internet.

But there is no best formula to create epic contents, else everybody can do it. Still there are few things we can do better to increase the odds that people shares and more importantly, links to your first content.

You have to publish a content that is long and not spamming contents, Because, Longer content that gets more backlinks than the shorter content specifically longer content gets average of 77% more backlinks than shorter contents.

Publishing Long and in depth content that would cover almost everything about the particular topic and it can increase the odds that people linked.

Next thing, we have to add a web hook to your content. This Web hook would make a blogger, journalist or writer wants to link to your content. The Web Hook can be anything like case study example, stat, rare interview, unique strategy, tool, visualization or even widget anything. if any user finds your content is very interesting, they will think to link to your content.

Step 3: Keyword Optimization

Over the last few years back in the day, On Page SEO has changed a lot. Why? Keyword optimization was something like stuffing keywords into your page. but it wont work anymore. Instead, the ultimate aim of On Page SEO is to give the information about your website page to Google context.

Still we can use stuff keywords on your page, at the same time, you also must help Google to understand your web pages. So include these targeted keywords only on important places on your page like on Title Tag, on First 100 words of your page, on image alt text, on H1 Tag, on H2,H3 tag and on the last 100 words of your page. This way Google can understand that your page is about specific contents.

Step 4: Optimize your content

Google rank pages only based on which sites has most backlinks. So backlinks are still very important. But before How to building backlinks, you must aware of that backlinks are not enough. Your content also should to be very much optimized for the end users, thats why Google pays close attention and monitor how people interacts with your site in the search results and if they found that people are clicking on your site and it quickly heading back to Google again though down rank you boring.

But if they see users staying long on your page, its a very good sign that your visitors giving more interest on your contents and your site rankings will boost.

How to Optimize your content?

Structure your content so people getting useful info. Same time, Dont start your post with a long explanation and why the topic is more important and relevent that’s only going to make people run away from your site, So use some short intro

Your content designs are also a main factor. People mostly see your site first based on the design and then only content.

Step 5: Build High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are still very much important for SEO. As far as you are creating epic contents, optimizing it for users and adding web hooks, you already made your site best for building high quality backlinks.

It’s just getting your content you have created to build those backlinks and the best way to do that Broken link building. Even I have used broken link building to get this backlinks.

First find some broken link on your page that you want to get a link from I personally use the helpful check my lease extension for Google chrome which is free it automatically crawls all the links on a page and ID’s broken links.

Next you want to find a post on your side that would make a good replacement for the dead links. Finally reach out to the person that runs that site and ask them to replace the dead link with a good working link to your content now.

For this process, you can definitely work with email as you send these out. but I definitely don’t recommend sending out the same generic email 200 different people. In fact, I recently did with pitch box found that personalized emails got 32 percent more replies than emails that used the same exact pitch for everybody.

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