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Fortnite Update 24.10: New Easter Event, Creative Additions and More

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Fortnite Update 24.10 New Easter Event Creative Additions and More

Fortnite Update 24.10: New Easter Event, Creative Additions and More

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, has been updated to version 24.10 on March 29, 2023. This update has brought several new features and changes to the game. In this article, we will discuss the latest Fortnite update, including the new Easter event, Creative additions, and more.

Easter Event: One of the most exciting things about this update is the Easter event. As we all know, Fortnite always has an event to celebrate the major holidays. This time, the Easter event brings a new game mode called Egg Hunt. Players have to collect as many eggs as possible to win rewards. Along with the game mode, there are new skins and challenges available for players to complete.

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Creative Additions: The update also brings several new additions to Fortnite Creative mode. Players can now place a vending machine that dispenses weapons, ammo, and health items. There is also a new device called the Jump Pad that allows players to jump higher and farther than before. Additionally, there are new items, such as traps and decorative items, available for players to use in their creations.

Patch Notes: The Fortnite update 24.10 also includes several changes and bug fixes. One of the most significant changes is the improvement in the matchmaking system. The update has made matchmaking faster and more accurate, resulting in a better gaming experience for players. The patch notes also mention the addition of new weapons, such as the Burst Assault Rifle and the Heavy Shotgun.

Server Downtime: Unfortunately, with every update, comes server downtime. Players were unable to access Fortnite for several hours on March 29, 2023, due to server maintenance. The downtime was necessary to implement the new features and changes that come with the update. Fortunately, the servers were back online later that day, and players could enjoy the latest update.

So, the Fortnite update 24.10 brings several new features and changes to the game, including the Easter event, Creative additions, and bug fixes. The addition of the Egg Hunt game mode and the new items in Creative mode are sure to keep players engaged and excited. The improvement in the matchmaking system will make for a better gaming experience for all. Despite the server downtime, the latest update has given Fortnite players plenty to look forward to.

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