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Muerta - The New Hero in Dota 2 Patch 7.32e

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Muerta - The New Hero in Dota 2 Patch 7.32e

Muerta - The New Hero in Dota 2 Patch 7.32e

Dota 2 players are excited with the release of the new hero, Muerta in the latest patch 7.32e. This hero has been much awaited by players since its announcement a few weeks ago. In this article, we will discuss the features of this hero, how to obtain the Dead Reckoning Chest Key, and the best allies for Muerta.

Introduction Muerta is a ghostly gunslinger hero who wields two powerful pistols. She has a unique skill set that makes her a versatile hero in the game. Her abilities include Reckoning Shot, which deals a massive damage to the target enemy, and Shadow Dance, which allows her to dodge enemy attacks while moving quickly.

Features of Muerta Muerta is a ranged agility hero with a base attack damage of 48-56. She has a base movement speed of 315 and a base armor of 2. Her primary attribute is agility, which gives her increased attack speed and armor. She also has a decent amount of strength and intelligence, making her a well-rounded hero.

Reckoning Shot is her first ability, which deals a huge amount of damage to a single target. The damage dealt increases based on the target's missing health. This ability has a long cooldown but is very effective in taking down high-health targets.

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  • Her second ability is Shadow Dance, which allows her to dodge incoming attacks and move quickly for a short duration. This ability is useful for escaping from dangerous situations or chasing down enemies.

    Muerta's third ability is Ghostly Step, which allows her to move through objects and terrain for a short duration. This ability can be used to surprise enemies or escape from tight spots.

    Her ultimate ability is called Death's Embrace, which allows her to mark a target enemy for death. The marked enemy takes increased damage from Muerta's attacks and abilities, and also receives damage over time. If the target dies while under the effect of this ability, Muerta gains bonus gold and experience.

    Dead Reckoning Chest Key The Dead Reckoning Chest Key is required to open the Dead Reckoning Chest in Dota 2. This chest contains rare and exclusive cosmetic items for heroes, including Muerta. To obtain the key, players need to complete the challenges in the Dead Reckoning event.

    The challenges include winning matches with specific heroes, dealing a certain amount of damage, and getting a specific number of kills. Once the challenges are completed, players can claim the key from the event rewards.

    Best Allies for Muerta Muerta is a versatile hero that can fit into different team compositions. However, she works best with heroes that can disable or slow down enemies, allowing her to deal massive damage with Reckoning Shot. Heroes like Lion, Shadow Shaman, and Puck are great allies for Muerta.

    She also benefits from heroes that can initiate team fights, such as Tidehunter, Magnus, and Earthshaker. These heroes can create opportunities for Muerta to use her abilities and deal damage to the enemy team.

    Conclusion The release of Muerta has brought a new dynamic to Dota 2 gameplay. Her unique abilities and playstyle make her a valuable addition to any team composition. Players can obtain the Dead Reckoning Chest Key by completing the challenges in the Dead Reckoning event. Muerta works best with heroes that can disable or slow down enemies and initiate team fights. With her ghostly gunslinger skills, Muerta is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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