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Paradox Releases DLC First Contact for Their Space Strategy Game, Stellaris

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Paradox Releases DLC First Contact for Their Space Strategy Game Stellaris

Paradox Releases DLC First Contact for Their Space Strategy Game, Stellaris

Paradox Interactive, the Swedish game developer, has recently released a First Contact, adds new features to the game and enhances the overall experience for players. In this article, we will discuss the new additions to Stellaris and how they impact the gameplay.

New Storyline and Mechanics

First Contact introduces a new storyline to Stellaris. The DLC revolves around the discovery of a new intergalactic species, which can either be friendly or hostile. The DLC includes new mechanics for players to interact with these species. These mechanics include diplomatic relations, trade agreements, and even war. The DLC also adds new events and missions related to the new storyline.

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  • New Species

    The DLC adds a new playable species to Stellaris. The Lithoids are a rock-like species that has unique traits and gameplay mechanics. Lithoids have slow reproduction rates but have the ability to colonize any planet, including ones with hostile environments. They also have the ability to consume minerals instead of food, making them self-sufficient.

    New Ship Designs and Weapons

    First Contact introduces new ship designs and weapons for players to use in their battles. The new ship designs are based on the Lithoid species and have unique aesthetics. The new weapons include the "Arc Emitter" and "Cloud Lightning" weapons. These weapons have powerful abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle.

    New Achievements

    The DLC includes new achievements for players to unlock. These achievements are related to the new storyline and mechanics introduced in the DLC. Unlocking these achievements will provide players with a sense of accomplishment and add replay value to the game.


    First Contact is a well-designed DLC that adds new content and mechanics to Stellaris. The new storyline, species, ship designs, and weapons enhance the overall experience for players. The new achievements also add replay value to the game. If you are a fan of Stellaris or space strategy games, then First Contact is a must-have DLC.

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