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Square Enix Admits Disappointing Sales for Forspoken

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Square Enix Admits Disappointing Sales for Forspoken

Square Enix Admits Disappointing Sales for Forspoken

Square Enix's recent release, Forspoken, has failed to meet expectations with disappointing sales numbers. The game, which was released in March 2022, has been criticized for its lackluster gameplay, story, and characters. Square Enix has acknowledged the game's poor sales and is looking to improve the situation. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind Forspoken's disappointing sales and what Square Enix can do to turn things around.

Lack of Hype and Marketing

One of the main reasons behind Forspoken's disappointing sales is the lack of hype and marketing for the game. Despite being developed by Luminous Productions, a subsidiary of Square Enix, the game did not receive much attention or promotion leading up to its release. Many gamers were unaware of the game's existence, which hurt its chances of being successful.

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  • Poor Critical Reception

    Another reason why Forspoken's sales have been disappointing is the poor critical reception it has received. The game has been criticized for its repetitive gameplay, uninteresting story, and unlikable characters. Many gamers rely on reviews and ratings to decide which games to buy, and the negative reviews Forspoken received may have deterred potential buyers.

    Competition from Other Games

    Forspoken was released during a period of intense competition from other games. In March 2022, there were several highly anticipated games being released, including Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. With so many games vying for consumers' attention, Forspoken may have been overlooked.

    What Square Enix Can Do to Improve Sales

    Despite Forspoken's disappointing sales, there are several steps Square Enix can take to turn things around. One of the most important things the company can do is to invest more in marketing and promotion. By building hype and raising awareness for the game, Square Enix can increase interest and demand among gamers.

    Square Enix can also work to improve the game itself. The company can take feedback from gamers and reviewers and use it to make changes to the gameplay, story, and characters. By addressing the criticisms that have been leveled against the game, Square Enix can make it more appealing to potential buyers.

    Another strategy Square Enix can pursue is to offer discounts and promotions to entice gamers to buy the game. By lowering the price or offering special deals, the company can make Forspoken more accessible to a wider audience.


    Forspoken's disappointing sales are a setback for Square Enix, but the company can still turn things around. By investing in marketing, improving the game, and offering promotions, Square Enix can increase interest and demand for Forspoken. With the right strategy, the company can help the game reach its full potential and become a success.

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