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Dead Island 2 and the Best Games Ever Show: A Look at Gaming Podcasts

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Dead Island 2 and the Best Games Ever Show A Look at Gaming Podcasts

Gaming podcasts have become a popular way for players and industry professionals alike to discuss their favorite games, upcoming releases, and industry news. In this article, we'll take a look at two gaming podcasts - VGC Podcast and The Best Games Ever Show - and discuss what makes them unique.

VGC Podcast: Dead Island 2 is Bloody Brilliant

The VGC Podcast is a weekly show that covers news, reviews, and interviews in the world of video games. In a recent episode, the hosts spoke with Ethan Lawrence, a voice actor who appeared in the upcoming game Dead Island 2. Lawrence discussed his role in the game and praised the game's developer, saying that "Dead Island 2 is bloody brilliant."

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The hosts of the VGC Podcast are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about gaming, and their passion for the medium comes across in every episode. They cover a wide range of topics, from the latest industry news to their personal favorite games. They also frequently have guests from the gaming industry, such as Lawrence, who can offer unique insights into the development process.

Overall, the VGC Podcast is a great listen for anyone who is interested in gaming. The hosts are engaging and knowledgeable, and their love of the medium is infectious.

The Best Games Ever Show: Episode 48

The Best Games Ever Show is a podcast that focuses on discussing the best games of all time. In each episode, the hosts - who are all industry professionals - debate which game should be included in their list of the best games ever made.

In episode 48, the hosts discuss Super Mario World for the SNES. They talk about what makes the game so great, from its tight controls to its charming graphics. They also discuss how the game has influenced the industry as a whole, and why it remains a classic to this day.

What sets The Best Games Ever Show apart from other gaming podcasts is the level of expertise that the hosts bring to the table. These are people who have worked in the industry for years, and their knowledge and experience inform every discussion. They also have great chemistry as a group, which makes for an entertaining listen.

Gaming podcasts have become an important part of the gaming community, offering a platform for discussion and debate about our favorite medium. The VGC Podcast and The Best Games Ever Show are just two examples of the great podcasts that are out there. Whether you're looking for news and reviews, or in-depth discussions about the best games ever made, there's a gaming podcast out there for you.

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