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FTC Demands More Information on Xbox's 10-Year Call of Duty Deal with Nintendo

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FTC Demands More Information on Xboxs 10-Year Call of Duty Deal with Nintendo

In recent news, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has demanded more information regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Activision and the 10-year Call of Duty deal with Nintendo. This acquisition and partnership have been in the news since it was first announced, and the FTC's involvement has only added to the ongoing controversy surrounding the deal.

Pro-Sony Stance of FTC Commissioner Lina Khan

FTC commissioner Lina Khan has faced questions about her pro-Sony stance in the Microsoft-Activision deal. In a recent hearing, a representative questioned Khan about her tweets in which she expressed support for Sony and her opposition to Microsoft's acquisition of Activision. Khan's response was that her tweets were made in her personal capacity and did not reflect her official stance as an FTC commissioner.

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FTC Wants Info from Nintendo on Call of Duty Deal

The FTC has reportedly asked Nintendo to provide more information regarding its deal with Microsoft for the distribution of Call of Duty in North America. This move by the FTC is seen as an attempt to gain more insight into the impact of the deal on the gaming industry.

Nintendo Asks FTC Judge to Dismiss Testimony Subpoena

Nintendo has requested an FTC judge to dismiss a testimony subpoena related to the Activision merger case. This request was made after the FTC issued a subpoena to Nintendo seeking testimony related to the Call of Duty deal. Nintendo has argued that the subpoena is overly broad and that the company does not have any relevant information to provide.

FTC Boss Reacts to Politicians' Questions About Microsoft Deal

The FTC's Chairperson, Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, has faced questions from politicians about the Microsoft-Activision deal. In a recent hearing, Slaughter defended the FTC's handling of the case and stated that the commission is committed to ensuring fair competition in the gaming industry.

FTC Chair Questioned Over Remarkable Decision to Side with Sony

In another hearing, FTC Chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter was questioned about the commission's decision to side with Sony over Microsoft in the acquisition of Activision. This decision has raised concerns among gaming industry experts who fear that it may lead to a less competitive market.

The Microsoft-Activision deal and the 10-year Call of Duty deal with Nintendo continue to be a hot topic in the gaming industry. The involvement of the FTC has added to the controversy surrounding the deal, with the commission demanding more information from Nintendo and facing questions about its pro-Sony stance. Despite these concerns, the gaming industry remains optimistic about the future of gaming and looks forward to the continued growth and innovation in the industry.

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