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Live A Live PC Review: A Well-Optimized Release of a Classic Super Famicom RPG

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Live A Live PC Review A Well-Optimized Release of a Classic Super Famicom RPG

Live A Live is a classic role-playing game (RPG) developed and published by Square Enix (formerly known as Square) in 1994 for the Super Famicom console in Japan. The game is known for its unique storylines, gameplay mechanics, and memorable characters. In recent years, Live A Live has gained a cult following and has been re-released on various platforms, including PC. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the PC version of Live A Live and see how it compares to the original Super Famicom release.

Gameplay and Story

Live A Live follows the stories of seven different characters across different time periods and genres, including medieval, sci-fi, and martial arts. Each story is played out in its own self-contained chapter, with its own unique gameplay mechanics and challenges. For example, the medieval chapter focuses on turn-based combat with swords and magic, while the sci-fi chapter features real-time combat with guns and robots.

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One of the standout features of Live A Live is its unique storylines. Each chapter has its own story and cast of characters, but they all tie into an overarching plot that becomes clearer as the game progresses. The characters themselves are also well-written and memorable, with their own unique motivations and backstories.

In terms of gameplay, Live A Live is a traditional RPG at its core, with turn-based combat and character leveling. However, each chapter has its own unique gameplay mechanics and challenges, which keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting throughout its runtime.

PC Port

The PC port of Live A Live was released in 2020 and was well-received by both fans and critics. The port features improved graphics and sound, as well as a new translation that fixes many of the errors and inconsistencies in the original English release. The game also features new quality-of-life features, such as the ability to save anywhere and fast-forward through dialogue.

One of the biggest selling points of the PC port is its optimization. Live A Live is a relatively old game, and many older games can have issues running on modern hardware. However, the PC port of Live A Live runs smoothly and without any major issues on most modern PCs, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Live A Live is a classic RPG that has stood the test of time, thanks to its unique storylines, memorable characters, and varied gameplay mechanics. The PC port of Live A Live is a well-optimized release that makes the game more accessible to modern audiences. If you're a fan of classic RPGs, Live A Live is definitely worth checking out.

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