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Winston's Overwatch 2 Alt-Fire: How the Tesla Cannon Will Change the Game

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Winstons Overwatch 2 Alt-Fire How the Tesla Cannon Will Change the Game

Overwatch 2 is set to introduce a range of new features and gameplay mechanics, including a new alt-fire for Winston's Tesla Cannon. This powerful weapon will change the way Winston is played and bring a new dynamic to the game. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Tesla Cannon and how it will impact Overwatch 2.

What is the Tesla Cannon?

The Tesla Cannon is Winston's primary weapon in Overwatch, and it is set to receive an alt-fire in Overwatch 2. The current version of the Tesla Cannon is a short-range weapon that delivers a continuous stream of electricity, dealing damage to enemies within range. It's an effective weapon for dealing with groups of enemies and can take down shields quickly.

The new alt-fire for the Tesla Cannon will be a long-range beam attack that deals significant damage to a single target. This new attack will give Winston players a way to deal with distant enemies, which is something the character currently struggles with.

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How Will the Tesla Cannon Change the Game?

The addition of the Tesla Cannon's alt-fire will bring a new level of versatility to Winston's kit. He will no longer be limited to close-range combat, and he will be able to deal with enemies from a distance. This new attack will make Winston more effective against certain heroes, such as Pharah and Widowmaker, who are difficult to deal with at range.

The Tesla Cannon's alt-fire will also change the way Winston is played. Currently, Winston is a highly mobile tank that excels at disrupting enemy lines and creating chaos. With the addition of the Tesla Cannon's alt-fire, players will need to adjust their playstyle to take advantage of the new attack. Winston will be more effective as a sniper and will need to be positioned differently to make the most of the alt-fire.

Proving the Power of the Tesla Cannon

Players have already started to experiment with the Tesla Cannon's alt-fire, and the results are impressive. In a recent video posted by a Winston player on Twitter, we can see how the alt-fire can be used to take out distant enemies with ease. The player takes down a Widowmaker from across the map, showing just how powerful the new attack can be.

Another player showcased how the Tesla Cannon's alt-fire can be used to take down a Reinhardt's shield quickly. By switching between the two attacks, the player is able to deal significant damage and break through the shield in no time.

The Tesla Cannon's alt-fire is set to bring a new level of versatility to Winston's kit, allowing him to deal with enemies from a distance and changing the way he is played. The addition of this new attack will make Winston a more effective hero in Overwatch 2 and will give players a new way to play the character. With players already showcasing the power of the new attack, it's clear that the Tesla Cannon's alt-fire will be a game-changer.

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