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Overwatch 2: Players' Issues and Blizzard's Response

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Overwatch 2 Players Issues and Blizzards Response

Overwatch 2 is one of the most popular and competitive multiplayer first-person shooter games. Players have been eagerly waiting for its release, which is expected to happen later this year. However, some players have been facing several issues with the game, and they have been expressing their concerns to Blizzard Entertainment, the game's developer. In this article, we will discuss some of the issues raised by Overwatch 2 players and how Blizzard has responded to them.

Nasty Overwatch 2 Glitch Deranks Players on Win Streaks

One of the major issues faced by Overwatch 2 players is the nasty glitch that causes them to lose their ranks on win streaks. As per a report by MSN, several players have complained about this issue, which has resulted in them losing their hard-earned ranks. Blizzard has acknowledged the issue and stated that they are working on a fix.

Overwatch 2 Dev Responds After Player Allegedly Finds Free SR Exploit

Another issue that has been reported by Overwatch 2 players is an alleged exploit that allows players to gain free SR (skill rating). According to a report by Dexerto, a player claimed to have found this exploit and shared it on social media. However, Blizzard has responded to this claim and stated that they have not found any evidence of such an exploit.

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Overwatch 2 Players Are Begging Blizzard to Tweak One Team-Based Feature

Players have also been asking Blizzard to tweak the game's team-based feature. As per a report by Dot Esports, players want the developer to change the way teams are matched up in games. Some players feel that the current system is unfair and leads to unbalanced matches.

Overwatch 2 Players Upset by Blizzard's Response to Unwarranted Bans

Several players have also been upset with Blizzard's response to unwarranted bans. As per a report by Gamerant, some players claim to have been banned from the game without any reason or explanation. However, when they reached out to Blizzard for clarification, they received no response. This has led to frustration among the players, who feel that they have been unjustly punished.

Some Heavily Requested Overwatch 2 Features Are on Hold, Developer Says

Blizzard has also put some heavily requested Overwatch 2 features on hold. As per a report by MSN, the game's developer has stated that they are focusing on other aspects of the game and will revisit these features at a later date. This has disappointed some players who were eagerly waiting for these features.

Overwatch 2 Players Demand Return of SR Numbers After Deranking on Win Streak

Finally, some Overwatch 2 players are demanding the return of SR (skill rating) numbers after deranking on win streaks. According to a report by Dexerto, players feel that the current system is unfair and confusing, and they want the old system back. Blizzard has not responded to this demand yet.

So, Overwatch 2 players have been facing several issues with the game, and they have been expressing their concerns to Blizzard Entertainment. While the developer has acknowledged some of these issues and is working on fixes, other issues remain unresolved. Players continue to demand changes and improvements to the game, and it remains to be seen how Blizzard will respond to these demands.

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