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Joel Smith Tests Positive for Cocaine: AFL Player Suspended

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Joel Smith Tests Positive for Cocaine AFL Player Suspended

In a shocking turn of events, Melbourne Demons forward Joel Smith has recently tested positive for cocaine, resulting in his suspension from the AFL. This news has sent shockwaves through the AFL community and raised concerns about the use of illicit substances in professional sports.

The Positive Drug Test

Joel Smith's positive drug test came to light after a routine test following a home-and-away game. The test, conducted by Sports Integrity Australia, revealed the presence of cocaine in Smith's system. This revelation has not only put his career on the line but also cast a shadow over the Melbourne Demons, who were making a strong finals run.

Repercussions for Smith

As a result of the positive drug test, Joel Smith now faces serious consequences. He has been suspended from all AFL activities, pending a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the drug use. This suspension not only affects Smith personally but also has a significant impact on his team's chances in the finals.

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Impact on the Melbourne Demons

The Melbourne Demons, who have been performing exceptionally well in the current season, have been hit hard by this revelation. Smith's absence in the finals will undoubtedly be felt by the team. It remains to be seen how the Demons will adjust to this setback and whether they can continue their strong performance without one of their key players.

AFL's Stance on Drug Use

The AFL has a strict anti-doping policy, and any player found to have used prohibited substances faces severe consequences. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the league's commitment to maintaining a drug-free competition. It also highlights the league's dedication to the welfare and integrity of its players.

Public Reaction

The news of Joel Smith's positive drug test has generated significant public reaction. Fans, pundits, and fellow athletes have weighed in on the matter, expressing their disappointment and concern. Many are calling for stricter measures to prevent drug use in professional sports.

Joel Smith's positive drug test has sent shockwaves through the AFL community and raised important questions about the use of illicit substances in professional sports. The repercussions for Smith and the impact on the Melbourne Demons are significant. This incident also serves as a reminder of the AFL's commitment to maintaining a drug-free competition. The public reaction to this news shows the importance of maintaining the integrity of the sport.

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