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Buffalo Bills Terminate Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey, Joe Brady Takes Over

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Buffalo Bills Terminate Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey Joe Brady Takes Over

The Buffalo Bills made a significant move in their coaching staff by relieving Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey of his duties. This decision came in the wake of a Monday night loss against the Broncos, and the team has appointed Joe Brady as the interim offensive coordinator. Let's delve into the details surrounding this coaching shake-up and its potential impact on the Bills' offensive strategies.

The Decision to Part Ways

The Bills' decision to fire Ken Dorsey was unexpected but not entirely surprising given the team's recent performance. Sources reveal that the front office was dissatisfied with the offensive production and felt a change was necessary to rejuvenate the team's approach. Dorsey, who had been with the Bills for a notable period, now finds himself relieved of his responsibilities.

Joe Brady Steps In

In a swift move, the Buffalo Bills have chosen Joe Brady to step into the role of interim offensive coordinator. Brady, known for his innovative offensive schemes, was previously the passing game coordinator for the team. His promotion to the top offensive role indicates the organization's confidence in his ability to spark a turnaround in the team's offensive performance.

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Assessing the Season So Far

The Bills have experienced both highs and lows in the current NFL season. While their defense has been formidable, the offensive unit has struggled to find consistency. The decision to change offensive coordinators mid-season reflects the team's urgency to address these issues and make a push for the playoffs.

Joe Brady's Track Record

Joe Brady gained recognition for his role in the LSU Tigers' historic 2019 season, where he served as the passing game coordinator. His innovative offensive strategies played a pivotal role in LSU's national championship victory. The Bills are banking on Brady's ability to bring a similar spark to their offense and help quarterback Josh Allen regain his form.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

As news of Ken Dorsey's termination and Joe Brady's appointment spread, Bills fans have expressed a mix of emotions. Some believe it's a necessary change for the team to reach its full potential, while others are skeptical about the mid-season switch. Speculations about the impact on the team's dynamics and play-calling have ignited discussions among the fanbase.

What's Next for the Buffalo Bills?

With Joe Brady taking the reins as the interim offensive coordinator, the Buffalo Bills face a crucial juncture in their season. The upcoming games will serve as a litmus test for Brady's offensive strategies and the team's ability to adapt to the change. The front office will be closely monitoring the developments as they assess the long-term future of the coaching staff.


The Buffalo Bills' decision to part ways with Ken Dorsey and appoint Joe Brady as the interim offensive coordinator has sent shockwaves through the NFL community. As the team navigates the challenges of the remaining season, all eyes will be on Joe Brady and the Bills' offense to see if this coaching change can propel them to success.

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