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Urgent Amber Alert for Missing 11-Year-Old Girl in Livingston, Texas

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Urgent Amber Alert for Missing 11-Year-Old Girl in Livingston Texas

In recent news, an urgent Amber Alert has been issued for 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham, who was last seen in Livingston, Texas. Law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens are actively engaged in the search for the missing child.

The Disappearance:

Audrii Cunningham's disappearance has triggered a widespread search effort. Authorities have mobilized resources and are seeking assistance from the public to locate the young girl. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain unclear, intensifying concerns for her well-being.

Amber Alert Activation:

An Amber Alert was swiftly activated, indicating that Audrii's disappearance is considered an active child abduction. The alert serves as a critical tool in disseminating information about the missing child to the public, urging everyone to remain vigilant and report any relevant information to law enforcement.

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Community Response:

The local community in Livingston and surrounding areas has rallied together in response to the Amber Alert. Volunteers, law enforcement, and various organizations are collaborating to coordinate search efforts and raise awareness about Audrii's disappearance. The sense of urgency is palpable as everyone joins forces to bring the missing child home safely.

Law Enforcement's Role:

Law enforcement agencies, including local police and the Texas Department of Public Safety, are working tirelessly to piece together the events leading to Audrii's disappearance. The cooperation between different agencies highlights the importance of a unified response in such cases.

Public Cooperation:

The success of Amber Alerts often depends on the cooperation of the public. Authorities are urging anyone with information about Audrii Cunningham's whereabouts to come forward. Every piece of information, no matter how small, can be crucial in locating the missing child and ensuring her safe return to her family.

Ongoing Investigation:

As the search for Audrii Cunningham continues, investigators are exploring all leads and possibilities. The focus is on gathering information that can shed light on the circumstances of her disappearance. The dedication of law enforcement and the collaborative efforts of the community provide hope for a positive resolution to this unsettling situation.


The disappearance of Audrii Cunningham has prompted a swift and comprehensive response from the community and law enforcement. The urgency of the situation is reflected in the Amber Alert, which serves as a call to action for everyone to be vigilant and contribute to the efforts to find the missing 11-year-old girl.

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