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West Ham's Scoring Struggles and Lucas Paqueta's Impact on the Lineup

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West Hams Scoring Struggles and Lucas Paquetas Impact on the Lineup

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Latest Injury Concerns: Lucas Paqueta
  3. A Deep Dive into West Ham's Scoring Struggles
  4. David Moyes' Tactical Dilemma
  5. Positive News: Paqueta's Potential Return
  6. Predicted Lineup and Three Changes for West Ham
  7. Moyes' Frustration with Paqueta
  8. Conclusion

West Ham United has been facing a series of challenges in the 2024 Premier League season, and their recent scoring struggles have raised concerns among fans and pundits alike. In this article, we will delve into the latest injury concerns, particularly focusing on Lucas Paqueta's impact on the team's lineup and manager David Moyes' tactical decisions.

The Latest Injury Concerns: Lucas Paqueta

The injury status of key players can significantly influence a team's performance. In the upcoming match against Brentford, West Ham faces a critical situation with the latest injury concern surrounding Lucas Paqueta. The talented midfielder's absence could have a profound effect on the team's attacking capabilities.

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A Deep Dive into West Ham's Scoring Struggles

In recent weeks, West Ham United has experienced a noticeable goal drought, leaving fans frustrated and questioning the team's offensive strategy. An analysis of their scoring struggles reveals various factors contributing to this downturn in performance, from missed opportunities to defensive solidity displayed by their opponents.

David Moyes' Tactical Dilemma

As the manager of West Ham, David Moyes faces a challenging dilemma in addressing the team's scoring issues. Moyes must carefully consider his tactical approach, player selections, and potential adjustments to breathe life back into the team's attacking prowess. The pressure is on Moyes to find a solution and guide West Ham to a more successful run in the league.

Positive News: Paqueta's Potential Return

Despite the concerns surrounding Lucas Paqueta's injury, there is positive news emerging for West Ham fans. The latest reports suggest a potential boost with Paqueta's return to the lineup. This news could provide the much-needed spark to reignite the team's attacking flair.

Predicted Lineup and Three Changes for West Ham

In anticipation of the upcoming clash against Brentford, speculations arise regarding Moyes' decision-making for the starting lineup. Sources suggest that Moyes is contemplating three changes to the squad, including a crucial decision regarding Paqueta. The predicted lineup reflects Moyes' efforts to address the team's shortcomings and improve their goal-scoring capabilities.

Moyes' Frustration with Paqueta

David Moyes has not been shy about expressing his frustration with Lucas Paqueta's absence and its impact on the team. The manager's comments and actions indicate the importance Moyes places on Paqueta's role in the squad. The resolution of this situation could play a pivotal role in West Ham's future performances.


As West Ham United navigates through a challenging period marked by scoring struggles and injury concerns, the potential return of Lucas Paqueta offers a glimmer of hope for fans. Manager David Moyes faces a critical juncture in making tactical decisions and lineup choices to steer the team back on course. The upcoming match against Brentford holds significant importance, and West Ham supporters eagerly await positive changes on the field.

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