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Battlefield 2042: Latest Updates and Player Experience

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Battlefield 2042 Latest Updates and Player Experience

Battlefield 2042: Latest Updates and Player Experience

Battlefield 2042 is an upcoming first-person shooter game that has generated significant buzz in the gaming community. Developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, the game is set to be released in October 2022. However, in the past week, there have been some updates and news that have caught the attention of players. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates on the game and player experiences.

Battlefield 2042 Free Trial on Steam

EA DICE announced that a free trial for Battlefield 2042 would be available on Steam until Thursday, 20:00 MSK. This trial offers players a chance to play the game for free for a limited time, giving them a glimpse into what they can expect when the game is released. This move has generated a lot of excitement among gamers who have been eagerly waiting for the game's release.

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  • Battlefield 2042 Progression and Battle Pass Issues

    Recently, players have been experiencing issues with the game's progression and battle pass. According to ixbt.games, some players have reported that their progression has been lost, and the battle pass has disappeared. This has caused frustration among players who have been grinding to level up their characters and unlock new content.

    EA DICE has acknowledged the issue and stated that they are working to resolve it. They have also assured players that any lost progression or content will be restored. While this has alleviated some of the frustration among players, it has also raised concerns about the game's stability and reliability.

    Battlefield 2042 Player Leaderboards

    One of the most anticipated features of Battlefield 2042 is the player leaderboards. These leaderboards allow players to see where they rank among other players globally and locally. However, some players have reported that they cannot find the leaderboards on their consoles, specifically on the PS5. DTF.ru reported that the leaderboards were missing on the PS5 and provided a guide on how to access them.

    EA DICE has not yet addressed this issue, but it is likely that they are working on a solution. It is also possible that the leaderboards are not yet available on all platforms or are still being rolled out.


    In conclusion, Battlefield 2042 is a highly anticipated game that has already generated a lot of excitement among gamers. The recent updates and news regarding the game have both excited and frustrated players. The free trial on Steam has given players a chance to experience the game for themselves, while the issues with progression and battle pass have caused frustration. The missing leaderboards have also raised concerns among players, but hopefully, EA DICE will address this issue soon. Despite the challenges, it is clear that Battlefield 2042 has a dedicated player base that is eagerly anticipating the game's release.

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  • Battlefield 2042: Limited Time Free on Steam
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