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T-Rex Had Lips Like a Lizard, Scientists Reveal

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T-Rex Had Lips Like a Lizard Scientists Reveal

T-Rex Had Lips Like a Lizard, Scientists Reveal

The iconic image of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) with its large teeth and gaping jaws has been ingrained in our minds through popular culture. However, recent studies have shown that this image might not be entirely accurate. New research has revealed that T-Rex had lips that covered its teeth, much like modern-day lizards. This discovery is a significant breakthrough in the study of dinosaurs and how they might have looked and behaved.

T-Rex Lips and Teeth

A team of researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Leicester in the UK studied the skulls of modern-day lizards and crocodiles, as well as fossilized remains of T-Rex and other predatory dinosaurs. They found that the shape and arrangement of the T-Rex's teeth would have made it difficult for the animal to bite into prey without damaging its teeth. The team also discovered that the T-Rex's lips would have covered its teeth, protecting them from damage.

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The study's lead author, Dr. David Button from the University of Bristol, said, "Our research shows that, despite the popular image of T-Rex with its jaws wide open, the animal would not have been able to bite into prey with its teeth exposed without causing significant damage to them. The lips would have acted as a protective barrier, allowing the animal to bite with more force and less risk of damaging its teeth."

Implications for Dinosaur Depictions

The discovery that T-Rex had lips like a lizard has significant implications for how we depict dinosaurs in popular culture. For decades, artists and filmmakers have depicted dinosaurs with bare teeth and exposed gums. However, this new research suggests that dinosaurs might have looked more like lizards than we previously thought.

Dr. Emily Rayfield, co-author of the study, said, "Our findings suggest that dinosaurs would have looked more like living animals than the scaly monsters of popular culture. They would have had soft tissue features like lips and cheeks that are usually not preserved in the fossil record."

The study's findings also have implications for how we study dinosaur behavior. If T-Rex had lips, it might have hunted and eaten its prey differently than we previously thought. For example, it might have used its lips to grip and tear chunks of flesh off its prey, rather than biting and chewing.

So, the discovery that T-Rex had lips like a lizard is a significant breakthrough in our understanding of dinosaurs. It challenges our long-held beliefs about how dinosaurs looked and behaved, and it has implications for how we depict dinosaurs in popular culture. This research is a reminder that there is still so much to learn about these incredible creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

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