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XCOM Director Jake Solomon Plans to Move Away from Turn-Based Strategy Games

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XCOM Director Jake Solomon Plans to Move Away from Turn-Based Strategy Games

XCOM Director Jake Solomon Plans to Move Away from Turn-Based Strategy Games

XCOM designer Jake Solomon has made a name for himself in the gaming industry for his work on the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. However, in recent interviews, he has expressed his desire to move away from the genre that he has become synonymous with.

In an interview with IGN, Solomon stated that he is forming a new studio and is looking to explore new gameplay mechanics. He stated that while he is proud of his work on XCOM, he wants to move in a new direction and try something different.

Solomon went on to say that he is a fan of games that give players the ability to create and shape their own stories. He cited games like Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress, and Crusader Kings II as examples of games that allow players to create their own unique narratives.

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According to an article on Eurogamer, Solomon has been exploring ideas for a "life simulator" game that would focus on the personal lives of characters rather than their combat abilities. He has also expressed interest in creating a game that would allow players to design and manage their own amusement parks.

In a separate interview with Video Games Chronicle, Solomon discussed the challenges of working on turn-based strategy games. He stated that while he enjoys the genre, it can be difficult to create a game that is both challenging and accessible to players.

Solomon also talked about the pressure of creating a sequel to a successful game. He stated that while he is proud of XCOM 2, he found the development process to be stressful and challenging. He stated that he would like to avoid the pressure of making a sequel in the future and instead focus on creating new and original games.

So, Jake Solomon is a talented game designer who has created some of the most beloved turn-based strategy games in recent years. However, he is now looking to explore new gameplay mechanics and move away from the genre that he has become known for. Whether he will be successful in creating a new type of game remains to be seen, but fans of his work will no doubt be eager to see what he comes up with next.

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