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Dead by Daylight Tome 15: Ascension - Everything You Need to Know

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Dead by Daylight Tome 15 Ascension - Everything You Need to Know

Dead by Daylight is a popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. It has a massive player base and is known for its intense gameplay, unique characters, and thrilling atmosphere. The game is regularly updated with new content, and the latest addition is Tome 15: Ascension. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Tome 15: Ascension has to offer.

What is Tome 15: Ascension?

Tome 15: Ascension is the latest mid-chapter update for Dead by Daylight. It is the fifteenth tome in the game's lore and introduces new content, including a new killer, a new survivor, and new cosmetic items. It also brings changes to existing mechanics and adds new challenges for players to complete.

New Killer: The Chimera

The Chimera is the latest killer to join the Dead by Daylight roster. It is a grotesque creature that has the ability to create portals and move around the map quickly. The Chimera's main power is called "Vile Purge," which allows it to create a pool of vomit that survivors cannot pass through. Survivors who come in contact with the vomit become infected, which slows them down and makes them easier to track.

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New Survivor: Lysa

Lysa is the new survivor that comes with Tome 15: Ascension. She is a resilient and resourceful character who is determined to survive at all costs. Lysa's perks focus on healing, and she has a unique ability called "Doctor's Orders," which allows her to heal herself and other survivors more efficiently.

New Cosmetic Items

Tome 15: Ascension also brings new cosmetic items for both survivors and killers. The new cosmetic items include outfits, weapons, and charms that can be unlocked by completing challenges and leveling up.

New Challenges

Tome 15: Ascension introduces new challenges for players to complete. The challenges are split into three categories: Survivor, Killer, and Universal. Survivor challenges focus on playing as a survivor, while Killer challenges focus on playing as a killer. Universal challenges can be completed by both survivors and killers.

Changes to Existing Mechanics

Tome 15: Ascension also brings changes to existing mechanics in Dead by Daylight. The most significant change is the rework of the Hex: Undying perk, which has been a controversial perk since its release. The perk now has a more balanced effect and should be less frustrating for survivors to play against.

Tome 15: Ascension is an exciting addition to Dead by Daylight. It brings new content, challenges, and changes to existing mechanics that will keep players engaged and entertained. The Chimera is a unique killer that offers a new gameplay experience, while Lysa is a survivor with a fresh perspective. The new cosmetic items add to the game's already extensive customization options, and the new challenges provide a reason to keep playing. Overall, Tome 15: Ascension is a fantastic addition to Dead by Daylight that should not be missed.

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