Overwatch 2: New Heroes and PvE Problems

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Overwatch 2 New Heroes and PvE Problems

Overwatch 2 has been one of the most highly anticipated games in recent years. The game promises to be bigger, better and more engaging than its predecessor, and fans can't wait to get their hands on it. Blizzard has been teasing fans with new information about the game, including new heroes, PvE missions, and more.

New Heroes:

Overwatch 2 will introduce a number of new heroes to the game. These heroes are designed to add more variety to the game and keep players engaged. While the exact number of new heroes is not yet known, fans have already begun speculating about which heroes could be added to the game.

One hero that has been highly requested by fans is "Echo". Echo is an AI robot that was first introduced in Overwatch's story mode. Fans have been asking for Echo to be added to the game as a playable hero, and it seems that Blizzard has listened. Echo was added to the game in March 2023, and has quickly become a fan favorite.

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Another hero that fans are excited about is "Sojourn". Sojourn is a former member of the Canadian military who has joined Overwatch. Sojourn's exact abilities and role in the game have not yet been revealed, but fans are excited to see what Blizzard has in store for her.

PvE Problems:

One of the main selling points of Overwatch 2 is the introduction of PvE missions. These missions are designed to be played cooperatively with friends, and will allow players to experience the game in a new way. However, some fans have expressed concern about the quality of these missions.

One of the main issues that fans have with the PvE missions is that they are too repetitive. Many of the missions feature the same objectives, and players are forced to complete them over and over again. This can make the missions feel boring and tedious, which is not what players want from a new game.

Another issue with the PvE missions is that they can be too difficult. Some of the missions require players to work together in order to succeed, but if even one player is not up to par, the mission can become impossible. This can lead to frustration and can make players not want to play the missions at all.

Despite these issues, Overwatch 2 is shaping up to be a great game. The new heroes are adding more variety to the game, and the PvE missions are a welcome addition. While there are some problems with the PvE missions, Blizzard has shown that they are listening to player feedback and are working to improve the game.

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