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Halo Infinite May Update: New Features and Improvements

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Halo Infinite May Update New Features and Improvements

Halo Infinite, the latest entry in the Halo franchise, has been receiving consistent updates since its release. The latest update, set to arrive in May, promises to introduce several new features and improvements to the game. In this article, we will take a closer look at what players can expect from the upcoming Halo Infinite May Update.

Improved Performance: FPS Counters

One of the most significant changes in the upcoming update is the addition of an FPS counter. This feature will allow players to monitor their game's performance, helping them to identify any issues that may be affecting gameplay. The FPS counter will be available on Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One X|S. This feature has been highly anticipated by players, as it will provide a clear understanding of the game's performance and stability.

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New Game Mode: Fiesta Returns

The Fiesta game mode is making a comeback in Halo Infinite. This game mode was first introduced in Halo: Reach and quickly became a fan favorite. In this game mode, players spawn with randomized weapons and equipment, making for a unique and exciting experience each time. The return of Fiesta to Halo Infinite will undoubtedly be a welcome addition for players looking for a new challenge.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

The May update will also bring several bug fixes and quality of life improvements to Halo Infinite. The development team has been hard at work addressing player feedback and making improvements to the game. Some of the fixes players can expect in the upcoming update include:

  • Addressing an issue that caused players to spawn inside of walls or the floor
  • Fixing an issue where players could get stuck in the environment
  • Addressing an issue where the flag could become stuck in a teleporter

In addition to bug fixes, the May update will also bring several quality of life improvements to Halo Infinite. These improvements include UI enhancements, such as improved navigation and readability, and gameplay improvements, such as more intuitive controls.

The upcoming Halo Infinite May Update promises to bring several exciting new features and improvements to the game. The addition of an FPS counter will allow players to monitor their game's performance and stability, while the return of the fan-favorite Fiesta game mode will provide a new and unique challenge for players. With bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the May update is sure to improve the overall experience for players.

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