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Twitter's New Features Aim to Improve User Experience

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Twitters New Features Aim to Improve User Experience

Twitter has recently announced a slew of new features that aim to improve the user experience on the platform. These features range from new ways to customize your profile to more granular controls over what content you see in your timeline. In this article, we'll explore these new features and what they mean for the future of Twitter.

Customizable Profiles:

One of the most significant changes Twitter is making is to give users more control over their profiles. Users will be able to customize their profiles with new colors, fonts, and backgrounds. This feature is similar to what you can do on Facebook or LinkedIn, and it will help users make their profiles more unique and reflective of their personalities.


Twitter is also introducing a new feature called Fleets. This feature is similar to Instagram Stories or Snapchat, where users can post content that disappears after 24 hours. Fleets can be photos, videos, or text-based, and they will appear at the top of your timeline. This feature is already available in some countries, and Twitter plans to roll it out globally soon.

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Interest-Based Timelines:

Twitter is also testing a new feature that allows users to see content in their timeline based on their interests. This feature will give users more control over what they see, and it will help Twitter surface more relevant content. Currently, users see content in their timeline based on who they follow and what they interact with. However, this new feature will allow users to choose specific interests, such as sports or technology, and see content related to those topics.

Safe Mode:

Another new feature Twitter is testing is called Safe Mode. This feature will allow users to filter out potentially harmful or offensive content from their timeline. Users can turn on Safe Mode for seven days, and Twitter will use machine learning to identify and hide potentially offensive content. This feature is still in testing, but it has the potential to make Twitter a safer and more welcoming place for all users.

In-App Purchases:

Finally, Twitter is experimenting with in-app purchases. This feature will allow businesses to sell products directly through the Twitter app. This could be a significant revenue stream for Twitter, as well as a way for businesses to reach their audience more directly. However, this feature is still in its early stages, and it's unclear when it will be available to all users.

Overall, these new features show that Twitter is committed to improving the user experience on the platform. From customizable profiles to interest-based timelines, these features will give users more control over what they see and how they interact with the platform. And with new revenue streams like in-app purchases, Twitter is positioning itself to be a more significant player in the e-commerce space. It will be exciting to see how these features evolve and what new ones Twitter has in store.

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