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Cosmic River Feeds a Galaxy while ALMA Uncovers the Birth of Distant Galaxies

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Cosmic River Feeds a Galaxy while ALMA Uncovers the Birth of Distant Galaxies

Cosmic River Feeds a Galaxy while ALMA Uncovers the Birth of Distant Galaxies

Cosmic phenomena have always been an intriguing topic for scientists and space enthusiasts alike. Recently, two studies have shed light on some fascinating events occurring in the universe. One study discovered a cosmic river, while the other uncovered the birth of galaxies in the early universe. Let's delve deeper into these findings.

Cosmic River Feeds a Galaxy

A group of scientists has discovered a "cosmic river" feeding a distant galaxy, providing the necessary fuel for its continuous growth. This cosmic river is a stream of pristine gas that flows through the universe and supplies galaxies with fresh material to form new stars. This gas stream was first discovered using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and has been observed in detail using the Hubble Space Telescope.

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The cosmic river, also known as a cold filament, is around 2 million light-years long and stretches across intergalactic space. This cosmic filament is slowly being consumed by the galaxy it feeds, known as UM 287. The galaxy is situated around 900 million light-years away and is experiencing a burst of star formation, thanks to the gas it is receiving.

The discovery of this cosmic river is crucial in understanding how galaxies evolve and grow. It is thought that this process of cosmic feeding is not only limited to UM 287 but is a common occurrence in the universe.

ALMA Uncovers the Birth of Distant Galaxies

Another study has discovered the birth of galaxies in the early universe using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile. ALMA observed the birth of a massive galaxy cluster called SPT2349-56, which is situated around 12.4 billion light-years away. The study found that this galaxy cluster was formed through the merger of three separate galaxy clusters, which triggered the formation of new galaxies.

The researchers were able to observe the earliest stages of galaxy formation, where gas clouds collapse under the influence of gravity to form new stars. They found that the galaxies in SPT2349-56 were forming stars at a much faster rate than galaxies in the present-day universe. This discovery is significant in understanding how galaxies form and evolve over time.

So, the discovery of the cosmic river and the birth of galaxies in the early universe are two remarkable findings that shed light on the mysteries of the universe. These discoveries will aid scientists in understanding the evolution of galaxies and the universe as a whole. It is through these kinds of studies that we can continue to learn and explore the wonders of the cosmos.

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