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Guerrilla Games' Upcoming Projects: Insights from Develop:Brighton 2023

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Guerrilla Games Upcoming Projects Insights from DevelopBrighton 2023

Guerrilla Games, the acclaimed game development studio behind the hit making headlines recently with its upcoming projects. Fans of the studio are eagerly awaiting the reveal of their next big project, and it seems that Develop:Brighton 2023 may hold some clues. In this article, we will delve into what Guerrilla Games may have in store for the future, based on what we know so far.

Guerrilla Games at Develop:Brighton 2023

Guerrilla Games has been announced as the keynote speaker at Develop:Brighton 2023, an annual game development conference held in the UK. The studio is expected to reveal some details about their future projects, which has piqued the interest of gamers and industry insiders alike. While we do not have any official confirmation about what Guerrilla Games will reveal, we can make some educated guesses based on previous statements and rumors.

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"Horizon Forbidden West" Expansion

One of the most popular theories about Guerrilla Games' upcoming project is that they will announce an expansion to "Horizon Forbidden West." The game is set to release later this year, and it is possible that the studio has already started working on additional content for the game. Guerrilla Games has a history of releasing expansions for their games, and it would make sense for them to continue this tradition with "Horizon Forbidden West." If this is the case, we can expect to hear about new storylines, characters, and areas to explore in the game.

New IP

Another possibility is that Guerrilla Games will announce a completely new IP. The studio has been focused on the "Horizon" franchise for the past few years, and it may be time for them to branch out into something new. In an interview with GQ, studio head Hermen Hulst hinted at the possibility of a new IP, stating, "We love making new worlds. That's definitely something that we're very interested in doing." This statement has led to speculation that Guerrilla Games may be working on a new IP that is completely unrelated to the "Horizon" franchise.

Collaboration with Kojima Productions

There have also been rumors circulating that Guerrilla Games may be collaborating with Kojima Productions on a new project. This rumor started when Hideo Kojima, the founder of Kojima Productions, visited the Guerrilla Games studio in Amsterdam in 2019. While nothing has been confirmed, fans have been speculating about what this collaboration could look like. It is possible that Kojima and Guerrilla Games are working on a new IP together, or that Kojima is lending his expertise to the development of "Horizon Forbidden West."

So, Guerrilla Games' upcoming projects are shrouded in mystery, but we can expect some exciting news to come out of Develop:Brighton 2023. Whether it is an expansion to "Horizon Forbidden West," a completely new IP, or a collaboration with Kojima Productions, the gaming community is sure to be buzzing with anticipation. Whatever the announcement may be, Guerrilla Games has proven themselves to be a talented and innovative game development studio, and fans can expect nothing but the best from them.

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